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Our Testimonials

The best !!!!! The cookies actually melt in your mouth with the flavors bursting out. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!!!!

-Steve R.

This place was awesome! They go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied! Not only did they deliver a beautiful and great tasting cake to my boyfriends office for his birthday when I was out of town, but they also printed out the card that I emailed them and delivered it with the cake! All with under 12 hours notice!

-Amanda D.

This bakery gets 5 stars they not only have outstanding goodies they are so helpful!!! I have gotten my holiday goodies for the last few years and I was always more than far as the crannoli that's an addiction everyone who's had one always wants to know where do I get them! Sweet Surrender Rocks!

-Melinda F.

The crannoli is fantastic! Hands down one of the best desserts I have ever had. Such a wonderful combination of a flaky croissant with that doughnut feel and stuffed with delicious chocolate chip cannoli cream. The staff is also super friendly. Definitely recommend this place!

-Alyssa R.

Good god places like this should be banned. In a good way! The fudge is frigging delish, the quality of the chocolate top notch. the display area makes you drool. You walk I, take long sniff and say just bury me here, the smells in here are out of this world. A fluke accident we found this as we were just driving around, man what a treat.

-John J.

The moment you enter this bakery, no matter how much self restraint you have, the sweet smells that fill this little shop will convince you to order a dozen things on top of the one doughnut you came in here for. (Completely hypothetical speculation ;) ) I got a pastry that looked like a large sfogliatelle (my fave) but with cannoli cream inside. They also had this pastry with bakery cream inside. Fantastic! I also checked in on Yelp and got a free doughnut. They had about 8 different kinds, all unique with fillings from raspberry preserves to cannoli cream.

-Ann L.

This place is why I will never lost weight. My family would only eat fresh bread, so I visit Sweet Surender daily. Always get their rolls and loaf bread. Have tired a few of their other goodies. My fave is their donuts, which is always fresh. The cakes are decent enough. The girls behind the counter are always friendly and patient with my endless questions. It is super super busy around the holidays but they do take orders in advance to save you from waiting on the long line.

-Crystal R.

Move out of the way cronut (and RIP rainbow bagel), there's a new food phenomenon coming your way and it was born at Long Island's very own Sweet Surrender: the Crannoli. The love child of a cannoli and croissant, the Crannoli has the flakey texture of a croissant but has the luxe filling and crunchy exterior of a cannoli. Sugary and delectable, the crannoli even gained applause from my friend who is a self professed cannoli disliker. They have a special flavor every month- for March 2016 we have a chocolate flavor and last month was red velvet. Best of all, because we are on the island, we have none of the crazy hours long wait that a bakery in the city would get!

-Megan Y.

Best bakery EVER!!! Their coffee cake and Danish are amazing.. I picked up 3 yule logs and a few stollen for Christmas and everything was delicious. The yule logs were decorated so nicely!

-Cynthia T.

Awesome bakery in Levittown. I enjoy the Crannoli primarily, but every time i walk in i want to ask for "one of everything, please!" Recently had them bake a cake for a function I was having

-Ovon D.

I drive past this bakery on my way to work every morning and finally stopped in this week. I picked up an apple turnover and jelly doughnut. They were by far the best baked goods

-Eric U.